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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


OH MY GOD I AM SOO NERVOUS >:3 Me and my boyfriend are going to meet up ^_^ I cant wait to see him again after soo long (4 days): ) !!! Im kind of nervous because its going to get suuuper personal ._. I mean.. I mean..... Uhhh D: Okaay NVMM >< Anywayss I am super nervous and I recently dropped out of spanish because I only took it for a guy >.> But now that guy isnt here anymore so who cares ! I got forced into Graphic Arts ): I have to catch up since its almost the end of the term... :P Okaay im boring, byee~

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  1. awww gl on catching up ^^ awwww its ok i bet he's just as nervous :)